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Things That Casinos Does for Security Purposes

Keep an overview of the entire property
Casinos have learned first-hand that not all attention should be paid to the checkout area. Signs of a possible robbery are often seen in other areas of the casino, so it is imperative to keep an eye on the entire property to detect warning signs.
One of the most sophisticated security systems in the world was created by Wynn Las Vegas in 2005. North American Video (NAV) has been tasked with developing and installing the new technology, which was then used to protect the entire casino area, from the parking lots to the guest rooms.
“This is by far the largest installation project that our house has ever carried out or is known to us worldwide,” said NAV chairwoman Cynthia Freschi. “Since the order for the system has been placed with us, our team has been working literally around the clock to meet the commitments.”
Many other casinos have followed the example and carefully watch every corner of the building. This allows hotel employees to report suspicious situations to the security service before a security breach can occur.

Monitoring employees
Casinos also need to carefully monitor employees because the latter could collaborate with guests on scams or plan raids themselves. According to a Cisco study, approximately 50% of all casino losses are attributable to employee theft. The Nevada Gaming Commission has reported similar results, confirming that approximately 34% of the suspects who were arrested for robbery or fraud in casinos were casino employees.
For example, they can give players empty stacks of chips that look like $ 5 chips. The dealers can hand over their own chips to the players, which are then hidden in the slots. There a surveillance camera should be there to track the possible cheating that could happen in casinos.